Month: April 2015

Baby “norms”

Like many new mothers, I’ve “researched” the web many times trying to find out what new stage in Lincoln’s life will be like. In those searches you find out things like when babies begin to hold their head up, sit on their own, eat solid foods, crawl, etc.  Sometimes these things can drive a new […]


The simple things

This past weekend consisted of a lot of happy, but simple things. Sometimes I think life gets too busy and it’s really easy to let the little moments pass us by.  On Friday, we were hit with a winter storm warning, which is nothing out of the ordinary for April in Upper Michigan. But, also […]


Dear Lincoln {7 months}

Dear Lincoln, This sure has been a month of growth! You grew two new teeth and are starting to army crawl. You’ve got the world at your fingers and your parents wrapped around them. This month has consisted of a lot of playing indoors. It’s still not quite warm enough to venture outside yet, sadly […]